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Feel the best waves of South Korea at Jungmun Saekdal Beach!

결제 시, 구매하시는 교환권의 이용 예상 날짜를 꼭 말씀해 주세요! 해당 일정에 맞춰 교환권 사용 방법 및 안내를 드립니다!

Life is like surfing. When you get in the impact zone, get back up. You never know what’s over the next wave.

- Bethany Hamilton

The best waves in South Korea. Safe and broad beach for surfing!

Let's Surf at Jungmun Saekdal Beach!

It is important that you surf with whom and where.

Jungmun Saekdal Beach has a great wave for surfing between May to November.

The beach is located right below a cliff where it has scenery of California beaches.

At this beautiful beach, we offer you the best person to teach you how to surf and rental service, Noriter Surf.

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* Check out lesson time and date at the table below


_ Cancellation is only able three days before the lesson/rental date (before the noon). If you cancel the voucher a day before, a refund is only possible for 50% of the total purchase cost, and you can't cancel on the day of the lesson/rental.

_ All of the lessons is a group session. A number of people in a group is varied and can be between 1 person to 20 people.

* if you are looking for a private lesson, ask us for more information.

_ A lesson is only for an adult (more than 19years old).

* a lesson for a person or group of less than 19years old, you need to ask us about the details.

_ it is always good to surf on a rainy day, however, there is any natural disaster such as a typhoon or strong wind, you can cancel the voucher.

* because of hard rain, strong wind, and etc, we can cancel the voucher for a day for your safety.

_ A lesson pack is including surfboard rental during the lesson hours, BUT the wet-suit is an option.

_ To enjoy the surf moment, you might need a rash guard (top) and board shorts (bottom) to protect your skin to be scratched by surfboard.

_ Let us know if you are looking for a place to stay such as a guest house or hotel nearby the beach area.

_ We are sending you an information SMS (text message) to you after the reservation.

_ The lesson runs for three hours. 30mins of the land session, an hour and a half for a water session, and an hour for free surfing.

_ You are responsible for any incident after the lesson hours and during the rental hours. 'SGW airport (Daily Jeju)' and 'Noriter Surf' has no responsibility for any incident and you don't have any legal responsibility for your actions.

_ If there is an accident during the lesson hours, you can ask 'Noriter Surf' for insurance.

강습 시간표

⦿ Any legal responsibility of Water sports and Safety of the vouchers of Surf Weeks is on you and Noriter Surf.